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          New fire proof board
          Usage of the pumices in
          News: The harm from the
          The 16th International A
          Skytop on WaterEx Beijin
          Knowledges of the obsidi
          Radiation proof characte
          Volcanic rock stone mate
          Types of the volcanic ro
          Characteristics of the v
          Volcanic rock biological

          Skytop New Energy Technical Development Limited Company is a large joint-stock enterprise, and its registered capital is fifty million RMB. The company has two mines in Liaoning Province, that one is in Dandong, and the other one is in Liaoyang. And the mine in Dandong has already gone into production, with an annual capacity of 300,000 tons, mainly the volcanic rock biological filtering materials. Kinds of water biological filtering materials, jointly made with Dalian University of Technology etc., are used in:

          1 Wastewater treatment in municipalities
          2 Wastewater treatment in industries
          3 Sanitary waste treatment
          4 Natural water purification for drink

          The materials from the volcanic rock, which is flame retardation, heat-retaining and natural, can be used for the heat-retaining material of the outer wall of the building, instead of the foam, such as polyphonyl, polyurethane and phenolic aldehyde, etc. The inorganic heat-retaining material should be the first choice for the fire-proof board and the hollow block.

          The company has an unsurpassed natural spring resource, which is from the deep ground water vein of the Dandong Dachuantou volcano. The spring has been purified by the volcanic rock for thousands of years, and is full of kinds of trace element human needs, which has been checked as qualified by authority departments. The water is pure tasted, and the precious natural mineral water resource of the country.

          The company has rich volcano resources, and is able to ensure sufficient supply to meet consumers' demand. The main products are volcanic rock pumice, obsidianl, garnet, olivine, pyroxene, basalt, and diamond that the diamond mine was found in 2001. All of the products are sold well in China and abroad such as Korea and Japan, etc.

          With the development of China's economic and industrialization, the volcanic rock biological filtering material that has a broad space of development, will play a significant role in the newly emerging environmental industry. The products have been used in construction industry, water project, milling, filtering material, roasting charcoal, landscape, soilless culture and art products, etc. The company will do its best to maintain the harmonious, economization-based, and the environmental protection society. Skytop New Energy Technical Development Limited Company will grow steadily and strengthen its competitive power, to achieve the economies of scale and the popularity.

          Address:Building A Times Plaza, Mingze Street 27 Zhongshan District, Dalian, China
          Tel.:18525471913  13130427170


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