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          The mineral water from the groundwater resources in Dandong Kuandian is clean and there for thousands of year. The mineral water, with good quality, good taste, kinds of minerals and large storages, is good for the health.

          The mineral water is natural, good, clean and safe, and it has been the first choice of the consumers. With the improvement of health care and living standards, the demand of the potable natural mineral water keeps rising. The volcanic rocks are made of silicon, aluminum, calcium, sodium, magnesium, titanium, manganese and molybdenum, etc. The particles are dark red and brown, porous and lightweight. Filtered by the bentonites after the weathering of the volcanic rocks, the mineral water, with cleanness, strontium-metasilicate quality, 31.5℃ constant temperature, salinity of 263~326mg/L and good taste, belongs to strontium-metasilicate-bicarbonate-Ca-Mg type of potable natural mineral water. The mineral water with PH of 8.45 is weak alkaline, which is effective for relieving tiredness and stress. The Mg concentration of the mineral water is 14.5mg/L, and the mineral water is good for the functions of myocardium, because the Mg is the essential element of the myocardium and its function. The strontium concentration of the mineral water is 0.68mg/L, and the mineral water can be used to prevent the osteoporosis, especially the old, because the strontium is the constituent of the bones and the teeth, and the increase of the absorption of the strontium will increase the output of the sodium, which can prevent the hypertension and the cardiovascular diseases. The metasilicate concentration of the mineral water is 39.6mg/L, and the metasilicate relates to the growth and the constituents of the bones, and if lack of the metasilicate, the dysplasia of the enamel and bones will happen. Silicon has an effect on vasodilation. The cardiovascular diseases of the people, who usually drink the metasilicate mineral water, occur rarely. It has been found that the silicon can make people leave longer these years.

          The physical structure and chemical structure

          The mineral water is mineral-rich.

          Balance between calcium and magnesium: the concentration of the calcium equals that of the magnesium.

          The mineral water with PH of 7.8 is weak alkaline.

          The 0-Index value of the water taste is 8.8

          The mineral water has high antioxidative capacity with 224mv ORP, high extraction and solvency which is suitable for babies, hardness of 18ppm and salinity of 755mg/L. The mineral water is mineral-rich, and the contents of the strontium and metasilicate meet the level of the precious potable natural mineral water, which is good for vascular softening, the growth of the bones and cure of the hypertension and heart diseases. And it contains the lithium, zinc and iodine, which are good for health. The low salinity of 263~326mg/L makes the water sweet and good taste. The sensory index, pollutant index, microbial index and limit index conform to the state standards. It is reported by the Geo-environment Surveillance Station of Liaoning that, the mineral water, with low concentration of sodium, low salinity, good physical properties, no color, no odor, no suspension, constant temperature, sufficient major elements and kinds of useful trace elements belongs to metasilicate type of potable natural mineral water, is not seasonal and conforms to the state standards of the potable natural mineral water.


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