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            Current:Home - The biggest volcanic rock stone material base in China

            Skytop has two mines, all of which have rich the volcanic rocks, and the proved reserves of volcanic rock pumices are more than 0.2 billion standard cubic meters. Skytop engages in the processing and sales of kinds of stone materials and filtering materials. The pumices can be used both for industries, such as construction, gardening, textile, clothing, cowboy dress washing, scouring and bleaching, and for the health care such as foot guard and skin guard as the pumices can remove the cuticle gently and efficiently. The customers all over the country of Skytop are from the basic products to building materials, such as pumices processing, pumices extracting, pumice hollow bricks, foot guard stones, light aggregate, as the Skytop timely and reliably supplies the raw and green volcanic rock products of fine texture, green, low radiation, favorable price, good quality and varieties.

          Volcanic stones (Basalts) are superior, and have both the general features of the normal stone and their own characteristics and functions. The material with low radiation, weather-resistance, is suitable to use in any occasion; the material with sound absorbance and insulating, is good to improve the sound condition; the material with eat absorption and storage, water-absorbance and skid-resistance, is suitable to improve the human feeling; the material can adjust and improve the dampness of the air. The volcanic rock becomes a fashion for the pursuit of the classic manner, nature and green.

          Basalts are solid to produce the super-thin stone board, and the gloss of the surfaces can be over 85-deg after polished, and the boards with pure gloss are elegant, and widely used in the decorations of the outside walls of the buildings, roads, decorations of the ground, buildings in old style, buildings in European style and gardening.

          Cast stone pipes, with good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, can be used as the pipes transporting the corrosive materials. The grinded basalts (0.5~2 centimeters) are widely used in the building of roads, bridges, buildings, dams and seawalls.

          The basalts, with higher mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and hardness than the other stone materials and high load-bearing, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance and endurance resistance, are especially used in the roads of the highways and airports. The qualities of projects used basalts are quite good, so the basalts are the first choices when project materials are chosen.

          The basalts with light absorbance and heat-insulating are formed by rapid cooling of lava. They are not hot as with the granites under the hot sun in summer and not cold as the granites in winter.



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